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Bass Fishing Rs Every Angler Should Know - Wired2fish - Scout

When casting or flipping try to let the r enter the water with as little noise as possible and keep some controlled slack in the line, watch your line as well as many fish will strike the r on the fall.

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The presentation is placement as close to cover (weeds, logs) as possible.

Bass <strong>Fishing</strong> Rs Every Angler Should Know - Wired2fish - Scout

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Choosing the rht fishing r to use under various conditions is important as learning how catch fish on them. If you dont get a bite, let the r rest on the bottom and then begin to retrieve in a very slow, jerk pause motion.

The Beginners guide to fishing from the shore, pier, beach or cliff.

Most rs are desned fairly simply and are used for specific types of fishing. Always keep little tension on the line because learning this que is a lot about learning to differentiate between the feel of the bottom and the feel of a fish.

Hook up fishing tackle:

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